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A man needs a weight-control formula powerful enough to exert an effect on a man’s overall body mass while managing to target the stored depot fat unique to a man’s anatomic structure.

So, if you’re over thirty and starting to see a thickening around the waist and belly – or one of the millions of “boomer” generation men concerned about “middle-aged spread” –– you need a weight-control compound formulated for your specific needs. And if you think one of those so-called “bodybuilding” products is going to do the trick… think again. The fact is, your metabolic and nutritional requirements are quite different from the metabolic profile of a twenty-something muscle boy posing in advertisements for the latest so-called “fat-burning breakthrough.” It’s time to get serious.

A Man Needs More Than An Ordinary Diet Pill

A man’s body fat tends to accumulate around the waist and belly. A great deal of this persistent fat is located inward from the cutaneous tissues, into the abdomen. Although middle-body depot fat is extremely resistant, it can be defeated with the proper combination of lipolitic (fat-mobilizing) and metabolic (calorie-consuming) compounds designed specifically for a grown man’s needs. Therefore, at the core of Quick Start™ is our patented, clinically verified formula… proven to launch sustained and vigorous lipolysis and increased caloric utilization through its established capacity to heighten beta-adrenergic sensitivity.

Second, as a man passes the 30-year threshold, his natural production of testosterone begins to decrease. Reduced testosterone leads to greater wasting of lean muscle mass, increased accumulation of excess abdominal fat, and considerable difficulty in losing weight (not to mention what it does to your love life). Consequently, in addition to its powerful, clinically proven base formula, Quick Start™ includes a proprietary combination of adjuncts (compounds intended to support testosterone production and help prevent the conversion of testosterone to unwanted metabolites), providing added support no ordinary (or gender-neutral) weight-control compound can deliver.

Finally, Quick Start™ contains a powerful prostaglandin inhibitor (prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that prevent the release of free fatty acids from adipose [fat] tissue). Unfortunately, as we age, the male body produces higher amounts of prostaglandins relative to the sympathetic activity provoked by stimulant-based weight loss products typically marketed to Generation-Xers and women. Accordingly, adult men, unlike women and overweight teens, need a weight-loss compound capable of significant prostaglandin inhibition in order to overcome the “negative feedback loop” (as scientists call it) resulting in stunted weight loss caused by prostaglandin-induced fat retention. QuickStart's™ active, patent-protected weight-control formula is the only stimulant-based weight-loss compound containing a verified, clinically significant prostaglandin inhibitor… an essential ingredient for any man attempting to lose excess body fat.

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So if you’re a man, over 30, overweight, and tired of ordinary diet pills designed for women, you need Quick Start™. Clinically proven, patent-protected, and guaranteed to work


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