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What is RightSize?

RightSize is a delicious smoothie formulated specifically to help people lose or maintain weight and is in powder form.

Just 1 Flavor Remains.

1. Lean Cocoa Bean

What makes RightSize more effective than the diet shakes, like Slim Fast?

1. Tastes much better
2. Loaded with vitamins
3. More minerals
4. Much less sugar.
5. Fewer carbohydrates
6. Has appetite control and leaves you feeling full, energized and relieved of food cravings.

Slim Fast users are quick to point out that Slim Fast does nothing to curb appetite. Slim Fast requires a wllingness to go without meals in order to lose weight.

RightSize will enable you to dramatically reduce caloric intake without the typical hunger and feeling of emptiness associated with weight management. RightSize is ephedrine free and safe for all adults.

When you can dramatically reduce calories, without hunger, it is very easy to lose weight. RightSize is the most effective weight loss product on the market, period.

How does RightSize manage to curb appetite-without dangerous stimulants?

The key ingredient is called Appemine. Appemine is a Biogenic Amine that is extracted from green tea, cinnamon twig, and galangal that works by stimulating the hunger adrenal receptors in the body. In other words, Appemine knows where the body's hunger adrenal receptor is and leaves the body's other adrenal receptors alone.

Ephedrine is also a Biogenic Amine but stimulates all of the bodies adrenal receptors since it cannot distinguish among them. When you stimulate all of the body's adrenal receptors it makes the user feel "ramped up" or very nervous, sometimes even jittery. That is why ephedrine is being crucified in the media.

Appemine is totally safe-it is easy to see why RightSize is so effective, and why we are so excited by the effectiveness of the product. Another important point is that RightSize is "thermogenic" without ephedrine. It also helps the body more effectively metabolize fat. This makes the product effective in more than caloric limitation - it works on two fronts.

How much does RightSize cost?

RightSize costs about $2.00 per serving, much cheaper than the Atkins protein shake. For normal weight loss we recommend that the user replace 1 meal every day and eat healthy the other two meals. At just $2.00 a day, it is easy to afford. For accelerated results, we recommend replacing 2 meals a day-only $4.00 per day. You get 100% of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients-plus, the edge is gone from your hunger.

Remember, since we control appetite, at $4.00 per day for rapid weight loss, people can actually save money by using our product. When was the last time a meal loaded with nutrition cost only $2.00?

What if a caller compares our price to the dirt cheap Slim Fast?

Simply, you get what you pay for. Slim Fast is glorified sugar powder that does nothing for your appetite. In fact, Slim Fast is actually counterproductive to the weight loss process because of the high sugar content. Have you ever heard a weight loss program that recommended high doses of sugar? RightSize is superior to Slim Fast because it is thermogenic and controls appetite.

Why is RightSize available in powder form only?

It is difficult to make a ready to drink can without a high dose of sugar and preservatives. This goes against effective weight loss. RightSize takes 2 minutes to make in a blender or shaker-it really is quite easy to consume.

Is RightSize guaranteed?

We guarantee RightSize for 30 days.

Are there any other products like RightSize on the market?

There are no other products like RightSize on the market. We combine the best of the shakes with appetite control and no ephedrine. We know that dieters are desperate to get their appetite under control. Why else would over 3 billion units of ephedrine be consumed each year? People don't take ephedrine because they like the concept or because they think that it is healthy. They consume it because it helps them control their hunger. Until now, they had no other good alternatives to manage appetite.

RightSizewith Appemine™ has changed the rules. Why choose an ephedrine formulated diet pill with little or no nutritional value if you can drink delicious smoothies complete with total nutrition and appetite control?

The answer is clear...choose RightSize. Safe, nourishing and effective.


Dehydrated cane juice crystals
Soy protein isolate with isoflavones
Soy protein concentrate
Sunflower oil
Natural and artificial flavors

Mineral Blend: (dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, zinc citrate, sodium molybdate, GTF chromium dinicotinate glycinate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenate, copper oxide, and potassium iodide)
Appemine: (guarana seed extract, green tea leaf extract, cinnamon twig extract, galangal root extract, cayenne pepper fruit, Citrus aurantium fruit extract, and white willow bark extract )
Gum Blend: (cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan), silica, Vitamin Blend: (ascorbic acid, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, niacinamide, D-calcium pantothenate, cholecalciferol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamin mononitrate, folic acid, d-biotin, and cyanocobalamin)
Acesulfame Potassium
Maltodextrin, and Glycemic Support Blend: (vanadyl sulfate (supplying 200 mcg of vanadium) and chromium polynicotinate)

Directions: Mix one scoop with 8 oz cold water, juice, or milk until smooth.

* Keep out of reach of children. * Store at 15-30*C (59-86*F) .
* Protect from heat, light and moisture. * Do not consume if seal is broken.

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