Valaxin™ Calming Formula - Day or Night
No Longer Available

No Longer Available


Dubbed the "Valium of the 19th century," Valerian, one of the components of Valaxin, has been recognized world wide for its relaxing effect on the body.

Valaxin's combined ingredients from both Eastern and Western medicine have been shown in clinical studies to decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. As stated in the German commission E Monograph, the key ingredients in Valaxin are prescribed worldwide to treat restlessness, insominia, and nervousness. Valaxin is a safe, non addictive alternative to commonly prescribed prescription drugs, which so often produce side effects and daytime hangovers.

Used for centuries to promote sleep and relaxation!

Improve sleep quaility with no daytime hangover!

Combats nervous insominia, the kind that keeps you lying awake at night, worrying until the wee hours of the morning.


Suanzaorentang Extract
Valeriana Officinal
Passiflora Incarnation
Neuro Mediating Blend
Bupleurum Chinensis
L Glycine

Suggested Use

Take one caplet 30 minutes before bed

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