Pro-Plus Proteusterone™ Maximum Absorbtion Assured
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No Longer Available


DHEA is Essential

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is the most dominant hormone in the body. It is the source of all sex and steroid hormones and is known as the body's mother hormone. The body's production of DHEA peaks in our mid to late 20s and declines steadily thereafter. By our late 60s, we will have just 10% of the DHEA we had in our youth.

It is just coincidence that good health is associated with youth and higher levels of DHEA, and that the decline in health is associated with aging and a decrease in DHEA? Probably not. Research has proven the importance of DHEA to the human body and how its levels decline rapidly in the body as we grow older. Over 40,000 scientific studies indicate that higher levels of DHEA provide major health benefits.

Scientific Breakthrough

Extensive research has provided a major breakthrough in the natural extraction, stabilization and standardization of the special phyto-nutrients from the most select species of Dioscorea wild yam.

Proteusterone is a proprietary wild yam complex consisting of yams enzymatically enhanced to provide broad spectrum, phytopharma-comimetic activities of DHEA. This complex offers a broad base of genins, phytogenins and phytosterols which the body seems to adapt to better than single molecule therapies (i.e. pharmaceutical DHEA).

This natural phytopharmacomimetic material contains a wide range of valuable hormone precursors. The formula for PRO-PLUS™ combines a proprietary blend of specific Dioscorea yams from around the world together with a technologically advanced proprietary extraction and delivery system. This assures maximum absorption of its active and beneficial phyto-nutrients.

Advantages of Pro-Plus

  • Better Absorption - PRO-PLUS utilizes a proprietary delivery system, programmed to deliver rapid and complete absorption of the active ingredients.
  • Consistent High Quality - Recent research provides a mojor breakthrough in stabilization, extraction and standardization of the raw materials used in PRO-PLUS.
  • Safe To Use - PRO-PLUS is all natural and virtually free of side effects.
  • History Of Success - For centuries, various species of Dioscorea botanical (wild yam) have been used to relieve a variety of chronic conditions. Over 200 million prescriptions are written annually for medicinal yam derivatives.


Proteusterone Complex:
(Dioscorea Machro Stachya Complex)
Lysine (as L-lysine monohydrochloride)
N. Peiwuweitzu (berry)
Arginine (as L-arginine
Beta Sitosterol in a Nutraceutical Delivery System with TFC™ (Transcription Factor Carrier)

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