Chewable Anti Oxident

60ct bottle

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MAXOGENOLâ„¢ offers the first unique pharmaceutical delivery system and is a fat and water soluble antioxidant, (one of the first sustained-release of its kind).

MAXOGENOL™ uses extraction methods without chemicals or without solvents such as methanol or chloroform, etc; is both fat and water soluble and the most potent antioxidant available per milligram of activity. The most complete antioxidant protection and detox support--all in one.

MAXOGENOLâ„¢ combines the most powerful proanthioxidants discovered by leading scientists with a highly effective delivery system that provides sustained action for continuous protection from damaging free radicals.

Our unique NSE* delivery system makes MAXOGENOLâ„¢ the only fat and water soluble antioxidant of its kind. A full compliment of botanical proanthioxidants, concentrated from chemical-free extraction methods, are combined with our unsurpassed delivery system to make it the most potent antioxidant per milligram of activity.

Directions for Use

Recommended dosage is 2 caplets daily.


  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Grape Skin Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Coastal White Pine Extract
  • Bilberry
  • Alpha Tocotrienol
  • Gamma Tocotrienol
  • Carotinoids
  • Co Enzyme Q6-10
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