Aloe C Defense

Natural Energy Cocktail

28 effervescent tabs
msrp $26.00

our price $23.40


A great tasting, high potency aloe drink containing Betamannin™ (polysaccharides and glycopeptides) and 1000 mg of Vitamin C.

  • Naturally recharge your immune system
  • Naturally detoxify and strengthen your body
  • Increases your energy level
  • Aids and promotes tissue repair
  • Jump starts your work-out
  • Delivers through NSE (natural self-emulsifying) delivery system
  • Makes a delicious effervescent drink

Aloe C Defense™ is made from natural whole aloe vera. Rushed from the field, it is freeze dried immediately after harvesting in order to preserve its bio activity. It is then powerfully concentrated to a ration of 200 to 1. Betamannin™ is the purest form of aloe vera. It is a highly potent complex of polysaccharides that may help you to overcome feelings of fatigue and stress.

The exclusive blend of Betamannin is formulated in a humidity-free cold room so that the aloe vera remains stable until you activate it in your glass.


Vitamin C Betamannin™ Aloe Vera (cold processed)


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