Testroxin™ Gel Androgen-Saturated Gel Preparation
No Longer Available - We Recommend ProductX

No Longer Available We Recommend ProductX

We all know testosterone makes you big, makes you strong, and makes you ripped. But, unlike run-of-the-mill pro-hormone capsules, powders
and tablets, the new topically applied, androgen-saturated gel preparations give you all the benefits of testosterone without the embarrassment of estrogen-induced female characteristics. That’s because topical androgen gels bypass enzymatic degradation in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing conversion of androgens (male hormones) into estrogens (female hormones)... specifically estradiol (one of the female hormones responsible for gynomastia [“man-breasts”] and reduced sexual function). No wonder topical androgen gels have taken over the bodybuilding market.

Move Over TestroGel™!*
Now There’s Testroxin™ Gel From NutraSport™

Until today, the only 100% pure testroxin™ (pronounced Tess-Trox-In) gel available in the U.S. was
Klein-Becker’s TestroGel™. It’s hot, all right (simply because it was the first non-regulated testosterone enhancing gel on the market). But if you think TestroGel™ is the only topical androgen gel that can raise testosterone levels, you’re dead wrong. NutraSport, the sole United States distributor of Cutting Gel™ and The Patented ECA Stack™, has just announced the nationwide release of Testroxin™. Testroxin™ contains the exact testosterone-boosting components as TestroGel™ and in the precise, clinically proven concentration -identical. We guarantee it.

Same Muscle-Bulking, Strength-Enhancing,
Muscle-Defining Power as TestroGel™... For Less Money!

That’s right, Testroxin™ has the same muscle-bulking power as TestroGel™, the same strength-enhancing power as TestroGel™, and the same muscle-defining power as TestroGel™. But, unlike TestroGel™ –– distributed through select pharmacies and GNC retailers –– Testroxin™ is enjoying wide distribution in gyms, bodybuilding outlets, fitness shops and workout centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. And that’s not all... Testroxin™ costs you less! Much less! A tube of Testroxin™ Gel costs about $20.00 less than a tube of TestroGel™. That’s right, $20.00 less than a tube of TestroGel™! Testroxin™ will make you a winner in the muscle game... in more ways than one. Guaranteed!

Get More Muscle… Order Testroxin™ Gel Now!



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