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ULTRA HGH effectively restores human growth hormone production with a combination of pure amino acids, Niacin, and an Indian herb called Forskolin. This formula is totally natural with no drugs or dangerous artificial hormones added. Because it is in powder form and tastes sweet, you can eat it dry, or it mixes instantly with water making it easy to take. A recently completed clinical study of ULTRA HGH reveals an average increase of 45.2% of IGF-1(Growth Hormone) after just three weeks! IGF-1 levels decrease at an average rate of 3-5% per year, so this means that IGF-1 levels were increased to what they were 10 to 15 years ago!


ULTRA HGH is a nutritional secretagogue and precursor formulation. Secretagogues are substances which increase the release of hormones in the body, in this case, the release of growth hormone by the pituitary. Precursors are substances that the body uses to make growth hormones. Many pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop products that provide the body with safe and continuous levels of HGH-releasing secretagogues. You don't need to wait for this to happen, though, because nutritional secretagogues, consisting of amino acids and herbs and other natural substances, have been clinically proven to increase the release of growth hormone with great success. Anti-aging clinics prefer secretagogues over HGH injections, because they are safe and affordable, and the best formulations can be more effective than injections. Consider the following statements by leading anti-aging specialists:

  • "When patients come in, we don't just shotgun them on GH (growth hormone injections). If you can stimulate the body to make its own GH, you're in great shape." - Dr. Vincent Giampapa, founder, Longevity Institute International
  • "The heart of the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program is the use of GH releasers or agonists, substances that induce the release of growth hormone from the pituitary." - Dr. Ronald Klatz, discussing secretagogues in chapter 16 of his book Grow Young with HGH.
  • "When these amino acids are combined with precise peptide formulations of biologically active proteins, IGF-1 and HGH levels increase dramatically, and in some cases, IGF-1 levels exceed the effects of having injections of HGH or IGF-1." - Dr. Vincent Giampapa

ULTRA HGH is a superior secretagogue formulation, as shown by the clinical results - 45% average increase in IGF-1 in 3 weeks! Plus, it is convenient - two scoops of ULTRA HGH powder (a daily dose) would fill 10 to 20 capsules!


Pure freeform amino acids
L-Aminoglutaramic Acid
Aminoacetic Acid with Niacin
Forskolin Extract
Ornithine HCl
T yrosine
Una de Gato (Cat's Claw)

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