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Our ladies are obsessed with our eyelashes - trying to get them longer, thicker and bolder and there are so many products out there that claim to do just that which a very small minority actually do and even then, it doesn't live up to the seemingly unrealistic expectations of eyelash transformation you expected it to. Until I found Miralash. Used in film studios and the modelling industry, Miralash is a new and revolutionary eyelash enhancer which guarantees longer and thicker lashes. Well, If it's good enough for the movie stars then it's good enough for me.

Miralash works by slowing down the lash falling process - something I often experience - and extending the eyelash growth phase. Ideal for people who's eyelashes are short and prone to breaking and dropping. By using it daily, your eyelashes should be a whole 10% longer after just 4 weeks of use and by 8 weeks, you'll be noticing an 80% thickness improvement as well as lashes looking 22% longer, darker and stronger. By applying it every night before bed, after removing make-up, to eyelids and the roots of your lashes it's a convenient time for the formula to do it's magic without any disruptions.

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If you need any more persuasion, the results of a test on a group of women aged 18-75 have found that more than 95% of the test subjects noticed an improvement after just 30 days of use and after 8 weeks, 88% said they felt their lashes were longer and thicker. With it's extremely easy application wand, money back guarantee and recommendations by a range of specialists, Miralash is slowly becoming everyone's must-have product. With no side effects and being 100% safe, say no to eyelash curlers, eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes which all damage your eyelashes in the long run and begin an easy, effective and safe routine to get longer, thicker and healthier looking lashes.

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