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Anti Aging

Relastyl Wrinkle Remover

Stimulates and maintains the skin's natural production of collagen and acts to smooth existing skin damage including deep and fine lines.

4oz bottle

msrp $59.95


Modifilan with fucoidan seaweed extract

The powers of seaweeds have been drawn upon for thousands of years for their ability to prolong life, prevent disease, and impart beauty and health..

90ct bottle

our price $26.95

Body Shaping

Tummy Tuck Cream

Tummy Tuck™
Effective topical tummy treatment.

2oz. jar
our price $25.95

Skin Care

The professional stretch mark removal creme with bio-active ASM-12 complex™. Clinically proven stretch-mark repair.

6oz tube
msrp $135.00
our price $94.95

Breastique Cream and New Breastique Capsule Formula!

Breastique Cream has been a customer favorite for a long time. Our customers achieve great results with this product because it increases breast size naturally by using herbs that are known to balance hormones and promote breast size and firmness.

Now get the maximum breast enhancement possible with the Breastique Capsule formula. A perfect compliment to the topical application. Look for great bundle pricing for these two products.

Vivaxl by NutraceuticsVivaxl from Nutraceutics - Available Now!

Rejuvenating, anti-aging, energy enhancing cocktail. Designed to supply the body with the nutrients to produce mood-enhancing, stress-relieving and appetite suppressing chemicals.

As Seen in Esquire Magazine

Anti Aging

pro symbiotropinPro Symbiotropin
The original secretagogue recommended by doctors and leading anti-aging therapists.

30-day supply
msrp $149.95
1 month supply $74.00

Hoodia Gordonii 90ct

Suppresses appetite, enhances mood, and elevates your energy level. Now


Effectively restores human growth hormone production.

as low as $47.95


Promotes breast size and firmness without harmful drugs or surgery.

as low as $23.95

Ultra Botanicals MSM Facial WashMSM Skin Care
Our newest line of skin care products from the makers of Renaissance contains MSM in the formulation, a powerful antioxident that protects your skin from dangerous free radicals.

More Weight Loss

right size smoothiesRightSize Smoothie™
Sold Out - While Supplies Last

26.4oz canister

msrp $49.95
our price $39.95

Cortiloss 60ct bottleCortiloss™
A natural dietary supplement that will suppress your appetite, spark your metabolism and give you a mild boost of energy.

60ct bottle
msrp $49.95

zoriasis for psoriasis and skin ailmentsZoriasis Instantly alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema, and other disorders of the skin.

3 oz spray $32.95

Here are a few guides from the experts that will help make our products more effective for you.

The products we offer on this website are designed to support your efforts to manage weight, reshape your body, enhance lifestyle, extend longevity or improve overall wellness. We should all understand that effective, long-term changes in the way we look, feel and live our lives requires more than just taking a pill or applying a lotion. The products we present do work, but combining them with physical conditioning, healthy eating habits and stress reduction will make them many times more effective.
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